Manage personal and business contact information, including addresses, phone numbers , and email addresses. Create chats, mini-clouds and secured galleries.

Store and organize product information such as serial numbers, prices, and photos of products. Use the app for your online store to save information about your listings and sales.

Manage event details, guest lists, and agenda. Great for fundraisers, seminars, or trade shows. Also, greatly suits for cryptocurrency traders, miners and analytics.

Collect and organize documents, music, images, and much more. Includes version history tracking. Track simple tasks, status and due dates associated with any undertaking.

Calculate hours worked, billed, and rate each employee each week. Create and customize ratings, diagrams, graphs and tables, and fill them with the data you need.

Create your music collections, podcasts, images. Download your streams from music concerts, share your own music or video records with friends or random people from the cloud.